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Monday, 6 February 2012

Photos that make me want to change!

Day 1 - Wake up call

I can't count how many times I have started a health kick or diet (hate that word).  Today I am going to wipe all those aside and start afresh today, only think about today, look to to future not the past.
My wake up call was seeing some pictures of me yesterday.  I was looking through some old pics and then I saw some very recent ones of me...and quite frankly did not like what I saw.  I saw an unhealthy, unhappy woman, and I thought, hey that is not the real me, but thinking about it honestly, well yes it is. is the start of a new time in my life, where I put me first and start to look after myself, no more excuses.
I am not going on some fad diet or anything.  I am going to eat healthy food and exercise more, simple hey!  ;0)  
After yesterdays exertions, walking in the snow and a very quick pace..thanks Kat... I am going to do some simple stretching exercises today.  My legs are quite painful, everytime I moved over in bed last night it was very painful.  Not too bad this morning, but I think some stretching will be good.
Right so off I go on Day 1!!